Project Description

MultiFunction is the world's best free skin for DotNetNuke, it provides an XHTML compliant skin using the DNNMenu with an Unordered list. It has a predefined color scheme which can easily be changed utilizing CSS and the included PSD files (included in the source package)


See the skin in action at


The MultiFunction Free DotNetNuke Skin provides the following features
  • 3 Flexible Layouts (skin files)
  • 1 Standard Container
  • XHTML Compliance
  • The original PSDs for ultimate flexibility
  • Minified CSS for speed and performance (using the Chirpy plugin for Visual Studio, not currently automated)
  • Automated Build Scripts (in source package) using MSBuild for easy packaging
  • Lightbox support via OrangeBox new for v01.01.00


I was looking for a DotNetNuke Skin that would easily allow me to change the color/graphics so that I could use it on many of my DotNetNuke websites, but still allowing for customization. I didn't find one I liked, so I created MultiFunction. Be sure to check out the Documentation page for examples of how to change the look/color of the skin by modifying the CSS.


DotNetNuke Version

This skin is dependent upon DotNetNuke 6.0.0.


This skin can only be installed as a HOST (installation) skin, not as an ADMIN (site) skin. Meaning you can only install it from the Host Extensions page, not the Admin Extensions page. It can be used on any website in a DotNetNuke Installation.

Visual Studio Plugin

This minification of CSS is handled by the Chirpy Visual Studio add-in, found at

Amazon S3 Hosting

In this first release I am hosting some of the images for MultiFunction on Amazon S3. I would recommend that you use your own hosting, if for some reason the S3 hosting costs me an arm and a leg I will remove the files from there.

Action Menu (v01.00.00 only, no longer necessary for v01.00.01)

This skin/container package requires the WatchersNET.SkinObjects.ModuleActionsMenu to be installed prior to installation.


Within MultiFunction there is a link at the bottom of the 3 skins back to this Codeplex Project. The open source nature of this project allows you to remove that link, but leaving it in is appreciated.

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